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The business experience of the Monti family, in the field of industrial plant engineering, has been proposed on the market carrying out an innovative approach of product that manifests itself through the creation of the Company: Monti Metalmeccanica Ltd

The aim was to create a company formed by highly skilled workers , some of them also partners of the company ,with experience in the industrial plant engineering field.

The company is a chance to challenge the market, taking advantage in the managerial skills and the operational technical background earned in the thirty years of experience of its founders.

Collaborators trained, young and dynamic, they form the technical structure of the company for the management and control of the contract, in terms of technology and quality, positioning itself in the upper-middle class of the reference market, in strict compliance with the technical specifications of the customer, of the applicable regulations and engineering requirements in general, paying the utmost attention to the details.

Monti Metalmeccanica Ltd core business is the prefabrication and installation of industrial plants for : petrochemical, chemical, siderurgical industries, oil & gas, power and waste to power plants.

The prefabrication of components are carried out in the workshop.

Both prefabrication and erection activities, are performed by highly skilled and continuously trained personnel, according to the latest available updates with industry regulations.

Monti Metalmeccanica Ltd promotes and encourages a streamlined internal organization, in which the direct communication at every level of the operating structure makes the decision-making process as quick and effective as possible.

The Company fixes ambitious goals, at level top of the market and through continous improvement of skills and updates at all levels of the organization, it aims to constantly improve its performance, for this human resources are an essential added value for our company.

Besides the continous information and training of the employees, the Company pays particular attention to safety in working environments, and environment protection, employing external professionals in risk assessment, applying the highest standards of prevention, protection and monitoring.

The safety in working environments is regarded by Monti Metalmeccanica essential part of the production process, like efficiency, productivity and quality, this policy is shared at every level, without compromises.Monti Metalmeccanica Ltd operates according to the quality management standard ISO 9001, currently the company is qualified ISO 9001 and EN 1090.