The Monti family is active in the industrial plant engineering sector with an entrepreneurial business which implements an innovative product strategy and is carried out with the establishment of Monti Metalmeccanica srl.

A company has been created which also includes very specialised working partners, who have gained a great deal of know-how in the field of industrial plant engineering.

Monti Metalmeccanica is therefore active on the relevant market with strong managerial skills and a range of technical and operational skills perfected thanks to the thirty-year experience of the company’s founders.

The technical structure of the company is made up of qualified, dynamic and up-to-date collaborators. They have expert skills in the management and control of orders, as regards the technological and qualitative aspects.

The company works on each order with all the care necessary, with attention to detail. We work in full compliance with the customer’s technical specifications, regulations and design needs in general.

Monti Metalmeccanica, which is positioned in the medium-high range of the relevant market, deals in particular with the prefabrication and assembly of industrial plants in various sectors, including the following: petrochemical, chemical, iron & steel, oil & gas, power and waste to power plants.

The prefabrication of the components is carried out in the workshop. The prefabrications and assembly are carried out by specialised technicians, who work in an expert way and always in compliance with the latest updates relating to the sector-relevant regulations.

The company promotes and fosters a dynamic, agile internal organisation which affects every level of the organisation and makes decision-making fast, efficient and effective.

Monti Metalmeccanica constantly improves the performance offered to the customer and the market. This is also possible thanks to continuous training, which involves all levels of the company’s organisation.

From what has been said so far, it is clear that human resources are therefore an added value and a strength of our company, which sets itself ambitious goals, at the top of the relevant sector.

Beyond our professionals’ investment in training, our company pays a lot of attention to safety in the workplace and environmental protection.